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5 popular misconceptions about anonymity
1 day ago

5 popular misconceptions about anonymity

Contrary to popular myth, using the tor webbrowser does not lead to anonymity, and many tools which are considered to be effective - can not only not help you increase your anonymity, but on the contrary help reveal your identity. In this article you will learn why tor webbrowser is not a panacea and what other popular misconceptions about anonymity exist.

We've compiled for you a list of the most popular misconceptions that can be found anywhere on the Internet, from comments by ordinary users, to resources that position themselves as resources on information security and online anonymity.

Using public open Wi-Fi

Including the access point of a neighbor whose password you know or can pick up, Wi-Fi at work, and of course "free Wi-Fi" in public places, which is accessed by authorization through SMS. At best, all of these solutions will only delay your search for a while, at worst they will speed it up and aggravate the degree of your guilt from the point of view of those looking for you.

Changing your computer's MAC address

In the best case, nothing will change for you - you were not anonymous and will not be. In the worst case scenario, the ISP's equipment will detect suspicious activity and automatically disconnect you from the network. This can also include recommendations to change the IP address of your computer, the effect will be about the same as that of changing the MAC. Such tips are often the fruit of retelling the recommendations to hide the IP address, made by a person who does not understand what he is really talking about.

Buying a VPN

Not only will you spend money, but you will also get a sense of false anonymity, which you will be diligently persuaded by the marketers of the company selling the VPN service. There are a number of reasons to avoid using VPN services, starting from the fact that the very fact of payment already significantly de-anonymizes you, and ending with the closed technology and negligent attitude to the security of many VPN services.

Changing DNS

Especially the change to Google servers (such as and Never do this unless you thoroughly understand what you are doing and why, and are not sure of the consequences of your actions.

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